Hazelnut Kitchen

At Cornell I belong to both the Cornell Gourmet Club and the Dinner Club, two “foodie” organizations on campus. We have many different kinds of events throughout the semester: wine and appetizer parties, restaurant outings, potlucks, speakers, and more.

Last week we took a trip to Hazelnut Kitchen, a restaurant in Trumansburg, NY that people have been raving about! http://www.hazelnutkitchen.com/

“The best new place in town is out of town, but not far: Hazelnut Kitchen in Trumansburg is serving up some of the most exciting, original cuisine you’re likely to find in the area or out.” From The Ithaca Times’ restaurant reviewer Kirsten Wasson, 10/17/07

I went with a group of about 13 people and we all ordered different things so we could taste most of the menu.

I wasn’t all that hungry so I got small dishes. Sautéed kale with apples & onions to start:

Creamy yellow squash soup with sage pesto next:

And bittersweet chocolate-coffee mousse with whipped cream and berries for dessert:

Other standout dishes that I didn’t take pictures of were:

-spice roasted winter squash with farro, pumpkin seeds, roast cauliflower, beets & sage pesto

-warm red cabbage salad with slow-cooked duck confit, stilton & cider-dijon vinaigrette

If you’re in the area, I would definitely recommend giving Hazelnut Kitchen a try!

Let me know how the recipe turned out for you!