There are no words.

It changed my life.

I don’t know how I had managed to stay away this long, but in December my mom and I spent a lovely afternoon strolling around the store, examining every shelf, and sharing some delicious foccacia. 

Not only can you dine at 10 different restaurants under one roof, but you can also buy the freshest fish, many varieties of fresh pasta, hearty, crusty italian bread, big hunks of cheese, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, beautifully presented cheeses (yes, more cheese), delicious, perfect pastries, people making mozzarella in front of you, and hundreds of varieties of olive oil. If you haven’t been yet, get to NYC and get yourself to 200 5th avenue at 23rd street immediately!

2 responses to “eataly!

  1. Lets go back and get ourselves some of that fresh mozz!!!

  2. FINALLY you got there!! It was shameful how often I frequented it over the summer.

Let me know how the recipe turned out for you!